The Blind Dog Gospels by Tim Arthur




“These are the Four Gospels of Sex and Drugs and Death – the Holy Trinity of life” so begins the Blind Dog Gospels; a novel of interwoven stories that examine life, loss, love, pain and anguish. A dark, graphic and at times explicit examination of the human condition told through the stories of five disparate characters. Drugs, adultery, prostitution, terminal illness, conversations with the dead, domestic violence, terrorism and road traffic accidents combine in a fractured narrative that promises us only that “dying alone will put an end to all suffering”.


About the author


Tim Arthur is Comedy Editor of Time Out Magazine and Director of Time Out Live. Apart from 20 years experience as a journalist he has written over 20 plays including 'Dark Tales' which ran for four months in the West End. He has also been Managing Director of Cardboard Citizens Theatre Company, Artistic Director of Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells and of Derby Playhouse Community Theatre. He has presented various television and radio shows none of which were very good and one was downright embarrassing. His first book 'Shadow in Tiger Country' was co-written with his late wife and published around the world by Harper Collins - it's still in print in Germany for some reason. His parents were famous children's television presenters and folk singers in the 70s as well as being white witches (which was always kept a little quiet). He has a daughter, Caitlin and a dog, Dusty. In 2009 he came second in the prestigious Male Tournament of Tease burlesque competition. He is a reluctant atheist and a terrible flirt.