About Whirling Chair Publishing


Whirling Chair Publishing is an independent publishing company born out of frustration with the current publishing industry’s approach of treating books as products rather than art. Where other publishing houses fill shelves with ghost written celebrity books and have prescriptive submission guidelines that stifle authors’ originality, Whirling Chair will publish small print runs of high quality, original work.

Whirling Chair’s mission statement is simple:

“To publish high quality books that would not be published by more mainstream publishers”

This is publishing by people who love books for people who love books. We will publish high quality writing for its own sake, not just to ‘shift units’. It can be challenging, edgy or just simply ‘out there’ as long as it is really good and wouldn’t get published by anyone else.

The whole thinking behind Whirling Chair is to create another option, distinct from conventional publishing. We do not want to tie our authors to contracts – they own all copyright, rights to the text etc and are free to take it elsewhere.

This gives us the freedom and flexibility to publish work that otherwise would not get into print and if the publicity means that a larger publishing house wants to pick up one of our authors’ work for a second edition then ... fantastic! Good luck to them and we’ll go find the next edgy novel.